Second and third marriages come with their own unique challenges and blessings especially when there are children from previous relationships/marriages involved.

Although typically first marriages in the United States have a divorce rate of 50%, second marriages have a divorce rate of 67% and third marriages end in a divorce rate of a whopping 73%!

Statistics show that since 1950 the average length of time between the first divorce and the second marriage is about 3.7 years. Unfortunately the average time the second marriage ends in divorce is roughly under 8 years.

In Canada the rates are not great either. Surprisingly the first marriage divorce rate comes in at 40% but tie with the Americans for second marriage divorce rate at 67%. The third time to the alter and back comes in at an alarming rate of 74%!!! (must be due to the long cold winters) With alarming numbers like these, why do people risk marriage again? The probability of failure is much greater than success.

Humans were created to be with one another although some enjoy only their own company. The family unit is a great example of this theory. So when someone gets a second/third chance at finding happiness in a mate they often take the risk knowing full well the statistics are not in their favor. After all they have found a special person and have fallen in love with them. They have likely fallen in love with their children and extended family too.

Let’s face it…….We all want to be loved unconditionally by someone special. We all want to belong to someone and we want to grow old with that special person. For these reasons and many more, we take that leap of faith and remarry hoping this time will be different.

I myself remarried in 2019. This is my second marriage. My parents also divorced and I was raised by my amazing independent mother and learned her ways. Unfortunately this second marriage of mine has abundant challenges since we are also a blended family, have different parenting techniques that we constantly disagree on and there are also constant accusations of cheating and/or jealousy, not to mention interfering family members.

I don’t know the fate of this current marriage but I do know I will not hold any guilt for my decision to remarry nor divorce again if that’s what happens. After all, hindsight is 20/20 and I would not have known in the beginning if it was meant to be or not. I am only 50% of this equation and therefor only responsible for 50% of the outcome.

I will continue to blog my situation in future posts to keep you all informed.

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